The Tragedy of Transport



Growth and Volume in the International Transport of Goods

Means of Transport and Environmental Destruction

Climate Change

Other Destruction

Deadly Roads

Dirty Ships


Discharges to Sea

Air Traffic Pollution

Trains, Wires and Pipelines

The Effects of Infrastructure

Production and Distribution of Oil

Roads and Ways

Airports and Harbours

Indirect Effects of Transportation

Manufacturing and Maintenance, Raw Materials and Waste

Social Requirements

Information Blockages

Allured by a Pyramid Scheme

Money Talks

Material Flows and Their Impacts

Long-distance Food

Ecological Debt

Concentration of Power

Why All This Trouble of Transportation?

Welfare or Illfare?

Comparative Advantage?

Is Economic Growth Decisive?

Goods and Needs

Depending on Subsidies


The Transnational Upper Class?

Collective Imperialism

What Alternatives Do We Have?


Social Change

Shadow Society

Common Wealth

Conceivable World