This is the contents page of Olli Tammilehto's report "Globalisation and Dimensions of Poverty" (Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Department for International Development Cooperation, Helsinki 2003). It can be downloaded as a pdf-file from the Internet addres pdf/tammilehto_globalisation.pdf . You can order the printed version from the information office of the department, address:Kanavakatu 4 a, FIN-00160 Helsinki, Finland, tel. +358-9-1605 6370, email:

Contents of the report "Globalisation and Dimensions of Poverty"

Yhteenveto (Summary in Finnish)
1. Introduction
2. Income and consumption povert
        "Trade liberalization is good for growt
        "Growth is good for the poo
        The World Bank's poverty statistics
3. Multidimensionality
4. Poor health
        Growth health
        Information health
        Health statistics
5. Powerlessness
        Free choice of one alternative
        Economic tyranny
        Undemocratic North
6. Insecurity and vulnerability
        Economic insecurity
        War and globalisation
        Secure globalisation?
7. Socio-cultural poverty
        Education statistics
        The big picture
        Radical monopolies
8. Poverty, richness and common wealth
        The kingly rich
        Enclosure of the commons
        Political technology
        Against mutual aid
        Enclosure in the South
        Collateral damage
        Common wealth in a commonwealth
        Ideological screen
9. Conclusions
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