Updated January 12, 2001

The report of the seminar "Indigenous Peoples and Oil" has been completed!

The report of the seminar and other events which took place in February 1999 in Finland has been completed. For the time being, it is available in English and Finnish, later in Russian and Spanish, as well. The report contains, among other things, the speeches of the Khanty, Nenets, Ogoni, Quichua and U'wa guests. It is available in three formats:
  1. As a normal internet publication.
  2. As a pdf-file which looks exactly the same as the printed version.
  3. As a printed publication. You can order it at the price of 5 euros or US$ 4.30 from the Friends of the Earth, Tampere, email: my-kirjamyynti@gaia.pp.sci.fi, address: PL 530, FIN-33101 Tampere, Finland, tel. +358-3-212 0097, fax: -212 7257.
Any further inquiries concerning the report you should send to Olli Tammilehto, email: firstname(at)lastname(dot)info